Community Angry With Fake News Website For Not Telling The Truth

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A fake news website is facing a backlash in Delaware, Ohio after fulfilling its mission to never publish anything remotely accurate. Members of the public are outraged and demanding the truth, which they have received numerous times but refuse to believe.

“We’re tired of this fake news bullshit. Even from websites that are dedicated to publishing fake news. It has to stop,” said Delaware resident Leena Mindfudged, who wasn’t entirely sure what she was talking about. “They publish outlandish stories that simply are not true. We know they aren’t true. They act like it’s what they are supposed to be doing. We say, ‘no, publish real news, as a fake news website,’ and then they fire back, ‘no, that isn’t what we do, we publish fake news.’ It is this endless cycle. When is someone going to stop and accept responsibility for me being a dumb ass? I’m not in on the joke and demand that it stop. I know I am not alone.”

The offending publication, the Delaware Gazette, could not be reached for comment. The news outlet has gone on record in the past and acknowledged that they are a fake news website. Many believe they are also involved in an underground squirrel fighting ring that operates in the basement of the Delaware library.

Ricardo Paye, managing editor for rival news outlet Delaware Ohio News, says he understands the public’s position but that people must eventually learn to read. Delaware Ohio News is a legitimate newspaper in Delaware, Ohio and publishes the traditional “real” news that the public is demanding from the Gazette.

“There are different types of content out there. Not everything is real news. I think the best way to deal with the problem would be to read the fine print,” Paye said. “People who read the details at the bottom of the website understand that the Delaware Gazette is a fake news outlet. Ideally we would all be on the same page about that and not have to have the same conversation over and over again.”

After reading and re-reading this article, members of the public decided to organize a protest in front of the Delaware Gazette building tomorrow at 9 a.m.

Perry Nymphman
Perry Nymphman
Perry is a nymphomaniac and reformed pedophile residing in Delaware, Ohio's Lexington Glen neighborhood. He covers the freak beat for Delaware Ohio News, including politics, technology, media, faith & values, and addiction.


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