Kanye West OJ Simpson 2020


  1. […] After looking at the “Delaware Ohio Post,” I could immediately tell that all the stories on the site was fake. The first piece I clicked on was, “Kayne West Announces OJ Simpson as Running Mate.” Right away I knew this piece was “Fake news” because Kanye isn’t running for president anymore and there were no words when you clicked on the article, nor was there a date and name of the writer. On the “fake news” and media bias scale I would rate the article and site unreliable because there are no authors or a time and date it was published as well as any story behind Kanye West and OJ Simpson partnering up for the Presidential Election. https://www.delawareohionews.com/national-news/kanye-west-announces-oj-simpson-as-running-mate/ […]


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