A local pimp is in hot water after he allegedly made his hoe slap herself on a recent Zoom call.

The pimp, Two-C McNally, says he is just a small business owner doing what he can to get by during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Hoes are hard enough to control under normal circumstances. You try keeping a bitch in line virtually,” McNally said. “If I didn’t have these hoes slap themselves, we wouldn’t make it out here.”

The alleged victim, who has been kept anonymous to protect her identity, says she is tired of beating the shit out of herself.

“I am tired of listening to this man but I don’t have another man to listen to so it’s like I am stuck,” the victim said. “Every time he says ‘smack yourself, you dumb ass bitch,’ I just do it without thinking. I really hate myself so I slap extra hard, too. I don’t know how much longer I can take it.”



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