The attorney for Delaware County Recorder Melissa Jordan says that her estranged husband, state Sen. Kris Jordan, forced her to wear an electric shock collar for months at a time over the course of their nine year marriage.

The claim is the latest in a messy, public divorce that has included allegations of cruelty, gross neglect of duty, and fraudulent disposition of marital assets. Melissa Jordan filed for divorce on June 20, 2016.

Attorney Colleen Marshall says that Mr. Jordan had a custom shock collar designed and manufactured in July of 2011, following the concluded investigation for fourth degree domestic violence against his wife. The customized collar was based off an existing model that had previously been reserved for canines, small livestock, and the developmentally disabled.

Mr. Jordan’s design included numerous enhancements, including smartphone integration, a camera that relayed live audio and video back to his device, and a speaker that allowed him to secretly communicate with his wife while she was wearing the collar.

Marshall says the collar was used to control and torture Mrs. Jordan.

“A good husband may trust his wife to go out and have a couple of drinks. A concerned husband may talk to his wife about her plans. But Mr. Jordan? He made his wife wear an electrified collar disguised as a fashion accessory, monitored her every move on video, and shocked her mercilessly for any perceived slight,” Marshall said.

“This man is a psychopath. We have text messages and numerous witness statements that prove the extent of his brutality and we are hopeful that the public takes heed and votes this beast out of office once and for all.”

One text message exchange released by Marshall allegedly shows Mr. Jordan demanding Mrs. Jordan come home from a night out with her friends and shocking her when she fails to give in.

Oct. 10th Exchange between Sen. Kris Jordan and wife Melissa.

Bob Siemens, a manager at Ruby Tuesdays in Lewis Center, says the Jordans used to be regular customers but stopped coming for the weekly Thursday evening outings after an incident involving Mrs. Jordan and a male acquaintance.

“She [Melissa Jordan] came in alone and was joined by another man a few minutes later. They had a few drinks and then she got really distracted by her phone and seemed upset. They ordered a few more drinks and were talking but she kept using her phone and was increasingly distressed,” Siemens said. “Eventually she was pretty intoxicated and started jumping and convulsing periodically, like she was being shocked or something. Turns out, she was being shocked; she announced it to everyone at the bar. ‘My asshole husband is a state senator and he makes me wear a shock collar like an animal! Can you fucking believe that! He wants me to leave! He’s shocking me and I can’t take this thing off!’”

Siemens said Mrs. Jordan injured herself trying to free herself– clawing frantically at her neck, eventually sawing at the stainless steel collar with a serrated steak knife– but was unsuccessful, and was subsequently shocked unconscious. 911 was called and she was treated by EMS outside the restaurant.

A mutual male friend of the Jordan’s, who wished to remain anonymous, confirmed Mr. Jordan’s use of the shock collar to Delaware Ohio News.

“Kris got a little carried away. Sometimes he would shock the living shit out of Melissa just because he was angry at something else. He had a really bad fantasy football team one year and he would go berserk after games, pull out his phone, and make Melissa pay for it. Once she was out running errands and he showed us the video feed of her falling and cracking her head open on the pavement after he shocked her.”

In another instance, Mr. Jordan allegedly took out his anger on Mrs. Jordan during a fantasy football draft party after he made a poor early draft pick.

“I told you I should have picked Zeke bitch!” screamed Sen. Jordan, picking up his phone and slamming his finger down on the screen to administer several shocks to Mrs. Jordan, who was in the other room preparing food.

Mr. Jordan refused to be interviewed for this article, but issued a brief statement through his attorney stating he has only used shock collars on animals, and that he never touched his wife.

“Melissa and I have had our share of disagreements, but I never electrocuted her and I refused to touch her while we were married. I do own a shock collar for use on animals and other living things that I feel are less than human. I appreciate the time Melissa and I spent together and wish her the best in her new life as my ex-wife.”

Sen. Jordan, a Republican, is running against Democratic challenger Cory Hoffman in the upcoming election for Ohio’s 67th state house district.


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