Students from Ohio Wesleyan University are organizing a protest during the national anthem at the Little Brown Jug this week to rally against the unfair treatment and denigration of black horses. The renowned race, which takes place this Thursday at the Delaware County Fair, attracts global attention as the third and final leg of harness racing’s triple crown.

Organizers say that in addition to race horses acting as symbolic placeholders for Black people, horse names are often derogatory toward people of color. They say the names given to the two year old stallions competing in The Little Brown Jug– which include ‘Trump That’, ‘American History’, and ‘Economic Authority’ as well as, ‘Mandingo’, ‘Housing Market’ and ‘Nigga Pull Up Your Pants’– expose the racism of the community.

“Whenever I hear a broadcaster announcing these offensive names meant to mock or denigrate the pigmentally gifted, I’m reminded how far we’ve yet to go, and recall the sacrifices of past civil rights champions like Martin Luther King Jr. and thot boi Malcolm X,” said Ohio Wesleyan junior Sarah-Emily Beebeecee, an organizer of the protest.

“I can’t do anything about the money my father makes from the overwhelming privatization of prisons, the labor practices of those prisons, or oppression of Black men. I can’t stop my boyfriend from calling the police on our Black friends by accident. I certainly can’t stop saying ‘nigger’ when I’m drunk. But that doesn’t mean I can’t take a stand for racial equality in America.”

To promote positive examples of Black male masculinity, protesters intend to wear matching t-shirts depicting a naked Black male adult entertainer on the front and uncensored white female genitalia on the back. By kneeling and pressing against one another, students say the Brown Jug will officially become the largest interracial pornography production ever staged, bringing global attention to an oft forgotten, but pervasive issue.

“When you realize these horses are named after black people, you realize that horses are really just modern day slaves,” said Niles Woke, an Ohio Wesleyan senior and fellow organizer. “The Little Brown Jug is capitalism in its ugliest form; the beneficiaries are the horse owners, the sulky drivers, and the wealthy elite who profit from gambling over the conscious creatures’ suffering. It is the same as the fights orchestrated by white slave owners between their melanin-rich, rugged Black slaves, forcing the winners to copulate and bear superior offspring. There is no difference between these horses and Black people in America.”

Townie and annual Brown Jug attendee, Josh Jones, says that while horse racing does remind him of slavery, he fails to see anything inherently racist in the names given to horses. He is working to organize a counter protest and demands that everyone in attendance honor the national anthem by thinking of American values like oppression and hate, instead of the eventual extinction of the white race by way of interracial sex.

“Harness racing isn’t racist. To think the crazy liberals at Ohio Wesleyan intend to dishonor our flag because some black Standardbred with an 18 inch cock is coincidentally named ‘Black Panther Nigger Spear’ is yet another example of people trying to help people who won’t help themselves,” Jones said, a single tear forming in the corner of his eye.

“Since my mother remarried a Black man, I have spent the majority of my waking life thinking of my inferior penis and the muted offspring it will produce. The Brown Jug is one of the few things people like me have left.”

Organizers say they are undeterred by the outrage and are committed to moving ahead as planned.

In addition to the record-setting interracial gang bang planned during the national anthem, the student activists say they’ll maintain a presence at the fairgrounds after the race, handing out educational resources and offering free hugs to anyone willing to accept Lexington Steele as their Lord and Savior.


  1. This is the most asinine statement ever made – now horse racing is a raciel thing to ? Are you fucking kidding me ? I may very well attend the fair just so I can punch one of these dum fucks in front of there supporting dum asses

  2. We do have freedom of speech but this sounds like freedom of stupidity!!!! We used to live in Delaware and enjoyed “Jug Week” events. When my husband showed me this article I thought at first it was some kind of a joke. I just shook my head and said unbelievable! What will someone protest next????

  3. Americans said that they hated freedom 100 years ago because the environment was dirty, there were murders, and medicine was dangerous, but the US is now a police state and the environment is still dirty, there are still murders, and medicine is still dangerous.


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