Ohio Wesleyan students are considering popping molly and rolling balls at Clancey’s for a second weekend in a row, according to current students and other sources close to the university. 

While MDMA best practices generally advocate for longer breaks between rolls, up to 2-3 months, students say Clancey’s was lit af over the weekend and that they’re struggling to justify not doing it all over again.

“Yeah, it was lit. It was lit. I rolled balls, went to Astroworld and got laid,” said sophomore economics major Landon Skelter. “As long as the plug has pills, I say we do it up.”

Freshman Marco Lucas agrees. Lucas, who was highly intoxicated when interviewed, says he hasn’t stopped partying since last weekend.

“Fuck man. I’m probably going to fail out of school if we’re being honest. If we’re being honest, yeah, I’ll be one semester and done. I’m fine with it. Go hard then go home. Fuck it,” said Lucas, before nodding his head and singing along to Travis Scott’s Sicko Mode, which was blaring from his headphones.”‘Yeah, this shit way too formal, ya’ll know I don’t follow suit / Stacey Dash, most of these girls ain’t got a clue / All of these hoes I made off records I produced / I might take all my eyes and put ’em all in a group…’

Ohio Wesleyan Chemistry Professor Lawrence Druggs says raving too frequently can result in diminished effects but that students will ultimately do whatever they want.

“It’s college. They’re affluent kids with good drugs and I think it would be naive to expect them to stay in. It won’t be as fun the second weekend, but Astroworld will still be essential listening and some good smoke can help compensate. You can’t tell these kids shit anyways,” said Druggs.

Druggs said he’ll be at Clancey’s after hours if any female students want to come back to his apartment and learn about organic compounds.

Party goers can expect things to peak around 2 a.m downtown before the party breaks up and people begin returning to campus to smoke blunts and fuck.



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