Ohio Wesleyan freshman Gail Shivers, an okay looking girl with a decent body, was hit on by four drunk frat guys at a recent Delta Tau Delta party.

“I wasn’t really surprised they were hitting on me, because they were really drunk, and they didn’t start until about 1:30,” the homely Shivers said. “I know they only started doing it because they had already struck out with the hot easy freshman, so they went for me, the okay looking easy freshman.”

According to Shivers, she slept with two of the four guys that hit on her that night.

“They both had pretty small dicks, so it wasn’t that cool,” Shivers said. “But whatever, I’m not that hot, so I guess that’s what I deserve.”

One of the guys that took Shivers up to his room, Brad Shenk, said he didn’t care that she wasn’t very good looking.

“Pussy’s pussy’s fucking pussy dude,” Shenk said. “I don’t really give a shit, because I blew my load all over her fucking face! Whoo!”

The other guy she fucked that night, Stan Hightowerton, said the exact same thing that Shenk said, but added, “I’ll probably bone her again if I get that drunk next weekend.”

Shivers said that is not likely.

“Why would I go back there again when there are plenty of other places on campus where I can be some drunk guy’s last resort?” Shivers said. “Maybe I’ll get some bigger cock next weekend.”

Twenty freshman, six sophomores, five juniors, and fifteen seniors have reported having sex with Shivers when responding to an email sent to the entire student body. They all asked to remain anonymous.

“She isn’t that hot, and she’s not really that fun to talk to, but damn she’s easy, and her pussy is surprisingly tight,” said one of the juniors. “She’s nice to have around at the end of the night.”

Shivers said she might as well be easy, because nobody will ever like her for who she really is.

“I’m not stupid, and I know that I’m not very interesting, plus I’m not that attractive,” Shivers said. “Most okay looking girls have some personality to fall back on, but I don’t. I might as well let drunk guys jerk off on my face.”

Shivers was last seen staring into a mirror, probably wondering why she is alive, other than to be a cum dumpster for drunk college guys.


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