Tyre Nichols Was Full Of Life, So We Beat That Nigga to Death

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I’m one of the former Memphis Police officers charged in Tyre Nichols’s death. Now that the video has been released and everyone has seen what happened, I feel we owe the world an explanation.

Tyre Nichols was full of life. He had dreams. He was good at things. He smiled. He saw beauty in the world. He had a family that loved him.

He had everything a nigga ain’t supposed to have. So we beat his black ass to death for it.

We knew who he was when he stood up for himself. He was afraid. We knew he had a lot to lose—a lot to live for.

There is no place for niggas like that in the world. Us niggas know that better than anybody. We knew what we had to do.

Often, throwing a nigga in jail is enough. You can ruin their lives that way; get them to stay in their place.

Sometimes, you have to get in their face, scare them a little, and remind them what’s what.

But every once in a while, there’s a nigga out there who wants to be somebody. They have hope. They believe in something. If you knock them down, they will stand back up again.

Those are the niggas you have to kill.

You have to snuff their lights right out. Send them and their happy family back to the sunken place where they belong.

Shooting them is a quick way to do it. That gets the job done.

But beating a nigga like that to death, why, that is why the Lord gave us hands.

And as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!

Despite being charged with murder, I know we did the right thing that day and will be vindicated in a court of law. The Lord commands that we protect and serve, and protect and serve we will, until all niggas stay down, once and for all.


Tayshawn Andre (Former Memphis PD)
Tayshawn Andre (Former Memphis PD)
Tayshawn Andre is a former Memphis Police officer charged in the death of Tyre Nichols.


  1. Pigs like this swine above are why I say eye for an eye, we see you cockroaches in blue the same way as you described this man you mercilessly murdered in cold blood, facist swine that are a danger to society and ought be put down. Fuck you pig.


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