Coronavirus has reached the United States and for the first time in a generation, many Americans have hope that the end may finally be near. Is this indeed the tragedy we have all been waiting for?

In all likelihood, it is not, but that doesn’t stop many from fantasizing about what could be — if only.

If only this virus reached pandemic proportions and swept across the country, stopping this miserable charade in its tracks. If only it were to take off, get as bad as it could get, and take us with it. And if not us, those with whom we interact.

Don’t you find yourself sitting and waiting, hoping, that this day of mindlessly scrolling Facebook and sharing memes will be your last? That the dreaded journey to work will cease and that you can just sit at home, do nothing, and peacefully drift off into a peaceful eternal slumber?

For many Americans, the answer is yes.

No more expectations, no more pain, and no shame of defeat. After all, it is a force of nature beyond our control. Nothing can be done.

Though it may not be the big one, we can still milk it for everything it’s worth. Let us savor this feeling for as long as we can. Let us isolate, avoid, and surrender each and every day, until our final day.

Image courtesy of vinothchandar on Flickr


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