Breasts: they are beautiful, they are soft, they are chewy, they smell like heaven – but not if they are small. Call me sexist if you want, but women need tits. It is just a fact. With the development of breast implants decades ago, doctors made it possible for all women to climb out of the disastrous, crippling life of despair caused by Small Breast Syndrome (SBS).

Yet, even with this technology, many women still go outside the house with A-cups. They mock men and surgeons everywhere! They get paid less money, earn little respect, and have to pray to find a man who wants more than a one night stand (with her shirt on, of course).

We need to help these women find the right path. Sure, they are still good people, and their small breasts may even save them from being raped once or twice, but implants will be better for society as a whole. If every woman had healthy breasts (at least a C-cup), men would be happier. If men were happier – they could do a better job of running the country. Simple logic.

Women should not resist this movement; they should embrace mandatory breast implants as a life-changing opportunity. The legislation I plan on introducing to Pat Tiberi (R-OH) has several main points:

  1. Women would have their breast size checked during the first mammogram after their 18th birthday
  2. Women who have breasts below a C-cup would be entered into a database by their physicians
  3. Women in the Small Breast Database (SBD) would be contacted by their local Breast Implant Enforcement Agency (BIEA) with information regarding the implant process
  4. Funds would be made available for those who cannot afford the breast implants
  5. Women would have 2 years to have the surgery
  6. Women who fail to have the mandatory breast implant surgery will be eligible for imprisonment and public lashings

I would like to thank The Tranny for the space to post this information, and their help in gauging public opinion. They opened their arms to a conservative, right-wing movement when most people would have turned their backs.


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