Stormy Daniels, the adult firm star suing the President after an alleged affair, has been arrested at an Ohio strip club after refusing to urinate on an undercover police officer, according to her lawyer and individuals present at the time of her arrest.

Michael Avenatti said that his client, who was paid $130,000 not to discuss the alleged affair during the 2016 campaign, was “arrested in Columbus, Ohio after saying no to an aggressive police officer who was requesting sexual services during a private dance.”

According to an anonymous employee at the establishment, Daniels was giving a dance to a plain-clothed Columbus Police officer in a private area of the club when an argument erupted. The officer exited the room, went out to the parking lot, and returned with uniformed officers who placed the performer, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, under arrest.

The employee, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of losing her job, said she overheard some of the interaction while serving drinks nearby and that an altercation arose when the officer was denied an unusual, unsavory request.

“The officer was taking full advantage of the situation and enjoying a private striptease when he began pushing for additional services, asking for oral sex, asking for unprotected sex, stuff like that,” the employee said. “Finally he got really weird and started begging her to squat over his face and waterboard him with ‘everything she had in her skank tank.’ He was asking for a golden shower.”

A “golden shower” is slang for the practice of urinating on another person for sexual pleasure.

According to the source, “The officer wanted to lie on the floor, cover his nose and mouth with a Blue Lives Matter bandanna, and have Stormy urinate on his face until he felt like he was drowning in her piss.”

Waterboarding is a form of torture where a fluid, usually water, is poured over a cloth covering the face and breathing passages of an immobilized person. The technique was made infamous for its use by intelligence officials post 9/11 during the War on Terror.

Guests at the club believe the officer was originally part of an undercover sting planned at the club that evening, but got carried away and too involved with the show.

One man in attendance, who also wished to remain anonymous for fear of being tracked down and murdered in his home, said that the officer was seen waving the Blue Lives Matter flag at dancers earlier in the evening and that he was using it to place dollar bills inside performer’s genitalia.

“The guy had been an animal most of the night but started kind of suspiciously, walking around a lot and communicating with managers. That didn’t last long though. He wasn’t in uniform but you could tell he was a cop. He just had that air of being able to do whatever he wanted. And the way he flashed that Blue Lives Matter flag made it clear he was close to law enforcement,” said a guest, who also wished to remain anonymous for fear of being tracked down and murdered in front of his wife and children.

“After an hour or so he started drinking, and it was downhill from there. He would literally fold dollar bills, line them up across the thin blue line of the flag, twist up the fabric so it was firm, then feed it into the dancers’ vaginas. I’m pretty confident you aren’t technically allowed to do that but he did it anyway. He gave zero fucks.”

After receiving a private dance from a separate performer earlier in the evening, the officer was heard yelling, “Do Blue Lives fucking matter or what? You bet your life they do. Yes indeed. Bet your motherfucking life on it! Come and get this heat if you have any doubt in your mind!” while stumbling out of the VIP room with several stains on the crotch area of his trousers, holding a handful of long blonde human hair that he had apparently torn from the dancer’s skull.

Another guest overheard the officer telling a fellow patron that he hoped Daniels had eaten asparagus or had a “noticeable yeast infection,” but was unsure why.

Guests believe the officer took particular interest in Daniels due to her celebrity and involvement with President Trump. The President is a strong supporter of law enforcement and is rumored to have received golden showers from prostitutes while traveling in Russia.

“It’s a power thing for some men,” said Ohio State University social psychologist Dr. Anne Montegue. “They want to feel weak and humiliated by someone who in fact has less power than them but feels empowered by their position at that moment in time. Sometimes, unfortunately, when things don’t go their way, they can become quite violent and vengeful. I know of a case last year where another police officer ripped a woman’s eye out of its socket and placed a semen lubricated FOP pin in its place. These crimes can be quite heinous so in some ways escaping with a minor charge could be considered a lucky break.”

Daniels is believed to have been charged with a violation of Ohio laws governing sexually oriented businesses, but the exact nature of the charges was not available at the time of publication.

The Columbus Division of Police refused commented when asked about the allegations made against their undercover officer at the establishment, saying only, “Columbus Police officers were on hand at Sirens gentlemen’s club late Wednesday evening when the adult performer known as Stormy Daniels was observed in violation of the Ohio Revised Code and Columbus City statutes and placed under arrest.”

Stay tuned to Delaware Ohio News for more on this developing story.


  1. Only In Ohio….where Home Rule Rules? Who’s Policing the Police? Perhaps Ohio State Legislature and Federal Legislature should address the absolute power of local Police???? Hope this grabs the attention of the President of the U.S. what with the current problems with the FIB too.


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