National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre went on the offensive today, pushing back against local law enforcement and questioning the motives of Florida sheriff deputies who failed to enter the Parkland high school where mass shooter Nikolas Cruz killed seventeen people last week.

“This whole hero with a gun theory is based on people stepping up and doing the right thing,” La Pierre said at a news briefing. “Here you had some guys taking the Blue Lives Matter movement a little too far. It’s meant to be applied posthumously, after they do something heroic and we get to pose in front of their caskets and raise a bunch of money. Not this time. Now our second amendment rights are at stake and I have all these little ghosts following me around.”

The association continued its attack via social media later in the afternoon, tweeting that people should be taking a harder look at the failures of the FBI and local law enforcement.

Blue Lives Matter has shown support for disgraced Parkland school resource officer Scott Peterson in recent days but declined to comment on the statements made by LaPierre and the NRA.


  1. The ratio of good guys with guns to bad guys with bigger guns was just off that day. A completely unavoidable tragedy that only the right should have the right to exploit is what I always say


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