A Delaware police officer fatally shot a white high school student Wednesday evening after mistaking him for a black magician who was wanted in the area for taking and distributing upskirt photos on lewd websites.

According to reports, Officer Pete Nottanig of the Delaware Police Department was on foot patrol downtown Delaware when he heard loud music emanating from the phone of a man outside Clancey’s Pub.

Upon approach, he encountered a male harassing a white female while aggressively flicking playing cards and grabbing his genitals. Nottanig says the suspect immediately became disrespectful.

When asked for his name, the victim identified himself as “Two-C” Johnson, a black street magician who was wanted on numerous felony charges. After giving his name, Johnson rolled his eyes and said “Here we go again with this bullshit,” turning his back to the officer and resuming his conversation with the female companion.

It was at this point that Nottanig claims Johnson began ignoring additional commands and became increasingly hostile, causing him to fear for his life. In response, Nottanig discharged his service weapon into Johnson’s face 15 times in quick succession. Johnson was pronounced dead at the scene.

Nottanig claims he tried to administer CPR but was unable to do so because Johnson was decapitated, his faced collapsed into the back of his empty skull.  It was not until EMS personnel arrived and located documentation identifying the deceased as Chance Connor “CC” Johnson, a senior at Delaware Hayes High School.

Police department officials say the event is unfortunate but that Nottanig was following proper protocol for handling a racially-ambiguous and life-endangering encounter.  

“This is a tragic accident but one that could not have been avoided under the circumstances,” said Delaware Police Chief Pigeon Housekey. “The officer had every indication he was dealing with a black male meeting the description of every criminal on our most wanted list, but most specifically ‘Two-C’ Johnson, a man we know to be very black and very, very rude. There isn’t an officer in this department who wouldn’t have escalated an altercation with Two-C in order to justifiably murder him in cold blood in the middle of the street.”

Johnson’s mother, Mary Johnson, though devastated by the news, admitted that– from a very early age– she began to fear for her son’s life.

“He was my little trap nigga,” Johnson said. “That’s what we called him growing up. He never wanted to play legos with his cousins; he hated COSI; he struggled to read. He was out playing ball and sipping that orange drank, lost his virginity at 11 years old. I will miss how he made fun of me for the way I seasoned my roasted chicken. I never judged him for being black, but I know the world did.”

Witnesses say Johnson had a habit of entering the homes of his mother’s friend’s without knocking, smoking wood-tip Black and Milds, and got a line-up at the local barber every two weeks. Friends of Johnson were equally startled by the autopsy report, remorseful for disbelieving the exclusively Caucasian heritage reported by the Ancestry DNA kit he purchased the year prior.

Johnson is survived by mother Mary Johnson, all four grandparents, two baby mommas, three bi-racial sons, and the twin-sized bed with Cars sheets and bedspread he slept in every night.

Nottanig was placed on paid administrative leave for half an hour while the department investigated the shooting. He has since been cleared of any wrongdoing and returned to active duty with a fifty-cent raise.

A viewing and memorial service for Johnson will be held at the playground in the Silver Maple Apartment complex in Delaware Thursday evening. The family is requesting that, in lieu of donations or any material support to his surviving dependents, guest bring a bottle and pour one out for CC.



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