Scouts BSA, formerly known as Boy Scouts of America, is under further scrutiny this week after releasing a new guide titled “How to Put a Condom on Your Scoutmaster.” The single page document details how to put a condom on a partner using ones mouth. Successfully mastering the technique earns credit toward the Family Life merit badge. 

The release comes on the heel of news reports publicizing the organization’s policy requiring condoms to be made available at the upcoming Scout World Jamboree. According to the World Scout organization, the longstanding policy has been in place for decades and was designed to encourage safe sex between scouts and adult volunteers.

The 10 step guide includes the following steps:

  1. Get out condom
  2. Check air bubble
  3. Check expiration date
  4. Gently open
  5. Pinch condom by tip
  6. Hold tip gently with teeth
  7. Purse lips
  8. Place lips on head of penis
  9. Roll down gently
  10. Enjoy! And remember, don’t tell your parents! This special moment is between you and your Scoutmaster.

View the original document below:

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Image courtesy of gazeronly on Flickr


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