High wind gusts destroyed a roadside memorial last night alongside U.S. Route 23. Located across from Delaware’s Oak Haven Golf Club, the memorial was erected in honor of four people killed in a car accident or something.

The tragedy will most likely be forgotten now, as it is hard to remember what happened without the basil wood cross labeled with a black permanent marker and surrounded by plastic roses.

Mike Weets, a Stratford Road resident who reportedly created the memorial, was unable to remember any event that warranted such a tribute.

“I hit a raccoon there once,” he said while discussing the stretch of Route 23 where the memorial was located. “But I find it hard to believe that I would memorialize an animal that couldn’t talk.”

The Tranny’s attempts to obtain public records on the accident were unsuccessful. According to city officials, all documents pertaining to the accident were lost shortly after the memorial was destroyed.


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