Ohio State Announces Wexner Center for Human Trafficking and Sexual Assault

Ohio State Announces Wexner Center for Human Trafficking and Sexual Assault

The Ohio State University today announced plans to open a new human trafficking and sexual assault center as part of its ongoing commitment to exploitation.   

The Wexner Center for Human Trafficking and Sexual Assault will share space with the university’s medical center and is expected to be operational by the year 2022. 

The center’s mandate, according to charter documents, is to “research, develop, and disseminate effective methods for global sex trafficking and sexual assault,” with the objective to “solidify The Ohio State University as the world’s preeminent institution for sexual exploitation.”

Beyond its research efforts, Ohio State officials say the center will help generate an additional 250,000 sexual assault and human trafficking victims annually, a figure that is expected to pump an additional 5 million gallons of semen into the local economy. 

The center is named after Ohio State graduate, benefactor, and avid doll collector Leslie H. Wexner. The billionaire founder and CEO of Limited Brands has contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to the university’s endowment since graduating in 1959, and is recognized by many as the Sugar Daddy of Exploitation. 

Along with his ties to the university, Mr. Wexner’s experience enabling one of the most prolific sexual predators of the 21st century, Jeffrey Epstein, makes him the ideal man to head the center, according to university officials. He will be the center’s first board chairman. 

“Leslie’s vision and commitment not only built a multi-billion dollar fashion empire, it also facilitated global human sex trafficking and exploitation on a scale never before seen in human history,” said university president Michael Drake. “From sweatshops in Taiwan to model escort services in New York to a pedophile island in the Carribean, his leadership has led men and women the world over to be stripped of their dignity and disregarded for more than forty years.”

Ohio State has been under fire in recent years for a string of sexual assault scandals, most notably that of Dr. Richard Strauss, a physician who is alleged to have sexually assaulted hundreds of college athletes at the university while he was employed there throughout the 1990’s. 

“Ohio State has always been a great place to be sexually assaulted. Now we want to be the place that does it better than anybody else,” Meiser said. 

A number of research projects are already planned for the center. One such project will focus on the velocity of financial settlements in sexual assault cases, with researchers aiming to increase the speed and volume of sexual assault case settlements.

“The goal there is to open and close cases of sexual assault as quickly as possible for as little money as possible while limiting media attention,” said lead researcher and eighth year political science major Tyler Fingerer. “Disrupting this space would allow more victims to be abused at a lower cost.”

The university believes geography will play a key role in the center’s success, given Ohio’s status as a major hub for sex trafficking. 

“Ohio is already the human trafficking capital of America. Ohio State is uniquely positioned to turn that statistic into an opportunity,” said Ohio State Communications Directory Michael Speaker. “Look at how we capitalized on cancer. We turned it into a billion dollar profit center.”


  1. This notion is completely out of touch …. Wexner is said to be a pedophile … with much evidence …. and now they are naming a sex trafficking help in his name ? Huh? Why is it most child sex trafficking goes through Ohio? Is that literally because of the richest man there!? Come on People !!!!!


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