In-Brief Breaking News: Chick-fil-AIDS Breakout Likely

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All food items at the Chick-fil-A on Polaris were tainted with AIDS. So if you stood in solidarity with your gay-bashing brothers and sisters swallowing your anti-fag fries, queer punching pickles and heterosexual cock-sucking chicken, please seek medical attention immediately to treat your case of Chick-fil-AIDS. Good luck, and pray god will hate you less than all the homos in the clinic with you.

Sofa Malone
Sofa Malone
Delaware Ohio News Editor-in-Chief. Connect with Sofa via the Delaware Ohio News Facebook Page:


  1. I am almost tempted to leave my birth city of Delaware (Not that my City is any better than Powell) or anywhere else in Ohio but good luck escaping your Karma Hatters cause people like Chick-fil-A and you others finding this funny is just sad but unlike too many so called ministers I do hate anyone because of how they where born, there lifestyle, or there preferences (Homosexuality is not a Lifestyle or choice). I only despise (Not Hate) ignorant people and judgmental trash and also unlike too many so called ministers I am not going to pray for there soul or lack there of but let Karma or whatever take its course. So in closing Good luck to you, and pray the gods will hate you less than all the homos in the clinic because of you…


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