The Delaware County District Library has finalized plans for its “Conservatism is for Cowards” Summer event series, which will kick off June 5th with the “Drag 101” teen program.

While the drag program has received the most attention across Delaware County, the series includes a number of events that are likely to raise eyebrows, including a seminar on how to safely give yourself an abortion.

Library spokeswoman Nicole Mammary released a statement defending the series and explaining the benefits of the library’s programs, saying they are important to ensuring Delaware County’s future as a bastion of “opportunity, hope, insight, and inclusion.”

“‘The American Library Association’s bill of rights reads, ‘Libraries should provide materials and information presenting all points of view on current and historical issues.’ However, here in Delaware County, where conservatism is the predominant ideology, it’s important that we act as a counterweight and provide perspectives that may not be found elsewhere.”

The full schedule is available below. For more information, visit

“Conservatism is for Cowards” Summer Event Schedule

June 5th: Drag 101 (Teens)

June 13th: How to Be Gay (Teens)

June 24th: Birth Control or Anal? (Teens)

July 6th: DIY Abortions (Adults)

July 15th: Having Sex Like a Professional Athlete (All Ages)

July 24th: Why You Should Care About People (All Ages)

August 1st: Telling Your Parents They Are Dumb Asses (Teens)

August 7th: Good Drugs, Bad Drugs, and Great Drugs (Teens)

August 10th: Life After Capitalism (Adults)

August 12th: Non Violent Conflict Resolution (Children)

August 14th: Seriously, Don’t Shoot People (Children)

August 17th: Yes, Black People Are Human Beings (Children)

August 21st: Evading the Rapist at Your Church (Children)

August 25th: Why Women Should Have Rights (All Ages)

September 1st: Visiting Your Neighbor at a Domestic Violence Shelter (Adults)

September 10th: White Terrorism — 9/11 and the Framing of Islam (Adults)

September 11th: Never Forget What White Men Are Capable Of (All Ages)

September 18th: Money Isn’t Everything (and other lessons from Donald Trump) (All Ages)




  1. Your summer series is embarrassing. How many intelligent people caved to the whims and pressure of a few to make this happen?


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