Delaware City Council passed a resolution this week ordering the bodies of all Confederate soldiers buried at Oak Grove Cemetery to be exhumed and relocated. The remains will be molested and dumped in the lake at nearby Alum Creek State Park.

The decision to relocate Confederate graves comes after violence broke out at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last week. One woman who was protesting against the white nationalist groups in attendance was killed when James Alex Fields Jr. drove his car into a crowd of counter protesters.

Of 32 civil war graves at Oak Grove, 6 contain Confederate soldiers. Work started early Saturday morning and is expected to wrap up this weekend.



  1. And what are the dead doing to fuel this media hyped “problem”? Let dead men lie where they are. How about we turn Gettysburg into an amusement park while we’re at it and exhume those graves as well.

  2. This is ridiculous, you would desecrate the grave a human to make idiots happy! You should be ashamed of your selves. What a disgrace

        • Yes it us….the sites disclaimer says everything on it is made up…..its a test to see how many idiots dont bother to read it all. Geesh the authors section says hes a herion addict with a degree in Amusement parks…..smh…..

  3. I am now ashamed my ancestors lived in this area! My ancestors were not confederate soldiers But have a deep history in Alum Creek. I will be checking into this and if I can find any relatives of these soldiers I will strongly encourage a law suit for not having consent to exhume these bodies, the disregard for throwing them i to a lake, the cost reimbursement for the burial expenses and the right to keep that plot and can NEVER be resold!

  4. Did anyone read the author bio prior to commenting?? Make assessments prior to action.. otherwise you just look like an ass

    • America is the joke. The fact that we have so many jackasses that we can’t really be sure this is fake is just one indication of how crazy this nation has become. The young people know less and less of their history!

  5. Concerning the writer….” He’s a prominent heroin addict and volunteers throughout Central Ohio showing new junkies the ropes.”

  6. Disturbing the dead is unacceptable digging up graves is so wrong , what is wrong with people ? You have no right to do this if I were the family of one of them you would have a nice lawsuit for the emotional damages you caused and disturbing a dead person resting place is a no no shame on you anti Americans those soldiers are still people human beings and someone’s family member

  7. Haha, it had me going for a sec.
    I suppose they could inter those remains in the still submerged hull of the CSS Merrimac, located 50 ft down near the dam at the southern end of the lake.
    It would really promote it as a dive site, though they’d have to declare that part no-wake zone to mimimum collisions with skiers.

  8. This is a fake news story from a fake news organization nowhere in this country would that allow them to dig up a body and simply dump it in a lake. That is something the mafia used to do in the thirties and forties that we don’t do that now

  9. This is all bogus FAKE NEWS! Scroll down and read bios! I like a joke as much as the next person but why are you wasting our time with this BS? Get a life!!!

  10. This is not good removal of the dead just to satisfy the others why not dig in gettysburg north and south soldiers lay side by side let them rest in peace council should be ashamed

  11. You people are so fucking disgusting. How can anybody be so cruel. If you were so upset about this why wasn’t it done years or decades ago. I hope you all fucking die a miserable death.

    • Yeah! You tell them what for! This is fake but the fact that someone would post anything as DISGUSTING as this just makes me look down at humanity even more

  12. Those are the graves of human beings and the what the Delaware City Council is doing is called desecration. Disgraceful behavior, shameful.

    • Really from here it looks like the problem is people who believe anything they read without questioning it no matter how insane it is.


  14. Do they really think that this kind of behavior will change history? Most of the time it seems that those who are offended don’t want to forget about the civil war and the confederate agenda. If we erase slavery and the civil war, what will they have to complain about? This is a part of our history and significantly, it shows that at some point the majority of this country’s white population decided that slavery (also disguised as “State’s rights”) is wrong, and that it should be stopped. In my honest opinion, the best way to protest confederate monuments and memorabilia, is to celebrate the sacrifices made by the Union Soldiers, to ultimately free a race of human beings from bondage and set them upon a path to equality.


  16. This is fake news, this is the description of the writer: Ricardo Paye is a Senior Correspondent with Delaware Ohio News. Born and raised on Delaware’s gritty North side, he’s a reporter with a deep knowledge of the streets and one who isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions. He’s a prominent heroin addict and volunteers throughout Central Ohio showing new junkies the ropes.

  17. Ok for one to desturb these graves it being a military site . They would have to have permission of the federal government and the military . Also each soldier would be removed with honour and replaced in another cemetery not a lake .
    This is just another pieces of crap news the person who posted it needs to be reported to Facebook. I’ve done it before n I’ll do it again but unless everyone does it she will continue to post crap like this .


  19. In 1957 the Congress passed a bill stating that the soldiers who served in the Confederate army were to be considered Veterans of the USA the same as the soldiers who served in the Union army and would be given the same rights and benefits as any Veteran would receive.

  20. This is nuts because the reality is this story IS TRUE but local authorities have reversed their decision to publicize it and instead fed it to this fake news website. THE WEBSITE IS FAKE BUT THE STORY IS TRUE, IRONICALLY. I live near the cemetery and can see activity out my window; I can confirm there were trucks moving coffins from the cemetery over the weekend, and that they were repairing the grave sites where the soldiers were buried.

    Here’s what I don’t get: Why move the bodies but not the headstones? It’s almost like they were aiming to be vindictive and cruel, not truly removing a controversial monument. Incredibly disrespectful to the dead. But the worst part is the lies that come straight from our government. When fake news sites start relaying real news, who can we believe?!

  21. People read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page, they are telling you themselves that this is a fake article! Calm down everybody, don’t fight with each other, this is exactly what some people want……a divided America.

  22. It’s a sad state of affairs when people can believe this to be true but it’s no more outlandish than ESPN not letting a commentator work a game because his name is Robert Lee. And that’s true!!

  23. Ok it better be, ill break out autmatic weapons on this shit. I grew up in the south, but believed in Union views, I had ancestors on both sides, so I dont pick a side, why cant we live together in peace???? NO, their is always some dumb ass that wants to start shit. Graves are graves let them be, Im a Veteran, so try and touch one (any grave) touch my friends grave from Desert Storm, Hell touch any grave and ill come out shooting.

  24. “Delaware Ohio News is an online news and content source dedicated to Delaware, Ohio. Founded in the year 1808, we strive to be Delaware’s premier news source, second only to the illustrious Delaware Gazette. Although we were the first Delaware, Ohio newspaper, they remain the lords of Delaware news media. That’s why we’re suicidal and on so many drugs.

    With all of that said, everything on this website is made up. Do not rely on anything said here.

    Don’t believe us? Read our Legal Statements.”

  25. Confederate soldiers are officially considered American veterans and have the same protections as Union soldiers because of an act of Congress called Public Law 810 and other federal laws.
    The Truth:
    It’s true that Union and Confederate soldiers are considered U.S. veterans under federal law, and that they would be entitled to the same benefits as Union soldiers today.
    These claims went viral on social media after the Confederate flag was removed from the South Carolina Capitol grounds in July 2015. The state legislature voted to remove the flag after a self-described white supremacist murdered nine black churchgoers there.
    That inspired posts on social media sites that claimed Confederate and Union veterans were considered equals under federal law, and that they are entitled to the same protections and benefits.
    It’s true that a federal law passed in 1958 listed the spouses and children of all Civil War veterans — Confederate and Union — as eligible for federal pensions:
    Whenever there is no surviving spouse entitled to pension under section 1532 of this title, the Secretary shall pay to the children of each Civil War veteran who met the service requirements of section 1532 of this title a pension at the monthly rate of $73.13 for one child, plus $8.13 for each additional child, with the total amount equally divided.
    It’s also true that federal law (formerly Public Law 810) makes Confederate soldiers eligible for burial in national cemeteries and for taxpayer-funded headstones, just like Union soldiers:
    The Secretary shall furnish, when requested, an appropriate memorial headstone or marker for the purpose of commemorating an eligible individual whose remains are unavailable. Such a headstone or marker shall be furnished for placement in a national cemetery area reserved for that purpose under section 2403 of this title, a veterans’ cemetery owned by a State, or, in the case of a veteran, in a State, local, or private cemetery.
    The last known Civil War veteran died in 1956, and the last known widow of a Civil War veteran died in 2003 at age 93. But there were surprisingly two children of Civil War veterans who were still receiving benefits in 2012, U.S. News reports:
    In the 19th and early 20th centuries, only Union soldiers were eligible for military benefits. It wasn’t until the 1930s that confederate soldiers began receiving pensions from the federal government. Prior to that, confederate soldiers could apply for benefits through the state they resided in.
    The groundwork for reconciliation, however, was laid decades before Confederate soldiers and family members became available for federal benefits.
    President William McKinley cited reconciliation between the North and South in a speech that followed the conclusion of the Spanish American War on December 14, 1898. A number of former Confederate officers had volunteered for service during the war, which had helped secure U.S. victory, McKinley said:
    … Every soldier’s grave made during our unfortunate Civil War is a tribute to American valor. And while, when those graves were made, we differed widely about the future of this government, those differences were long ago settled by the arbitrament of arms; and the time has now come, in the evolution of sentiment and feeling under the providence of God, when in the spirit of fraternity we should share with you in the care of the graves of the Confederate soldiers.
    The Cordial feeling now happily existing between the North and South prompts this gracious act, and if it needed further justification, it is found in the gallant loyalty to the Union and the flag so conspicuously shown in the year just past by the sons and grandsons of these (Spanish American War veterans).
    What a glorious future awaits us if united, wisely, and bravely we face the new problems now pressing upon us, determined to solve them for right and humanity.
    That flag has been planted in two hemispheres, and there it remains the symbol of liberty and law, of peace and progress. Who will withdraw from the people over whom it floats its protecting folds? Who will haul it down? Answer me, ye men of the South, who is there in Dixie who will haul it down?
    McKinley called for federal recognition of Union and Confederate soldiers because he viewed them all as Americans. But the Confederate flag wasn’t a part of McKinley’s reconciliation efforts, and he specifically cites the flying of the American flag in the south as reason to move forward with federal recognition of Confederate soldiers.
    The Confederate flag didn’t fly widely in the south until the 1940s, the Atlantic reports:
    After the surrender in 1865, Confederate flags were folded and put away. They were most likely to be spotted at memorials or cemeteries. Even after the hopeful decade of Reconstruction gave way to the violent repression of Redemption, open displays of the flag remained rare. There was no need for a banner to signal defiance; Jim Crow reigned unchallenged.
    The flag slowly crept back into public life over the ensuing decades, saluted at veterans’ reunions, promoted by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, even carried into battle by units from the South. By the mid-twentieth century, the flags were also waved by football fans, and sold to tourists.
    But as a political symbol, the flag was revived when northern Democrats began to press for an end to the South’s system of racial oppression. In 1948, the Dixiecrats revolted against President Harry Truman—who had desegregated the armed forces and supported anti-lynching bills. The movement began in Mississippi in February of 1948, with thousands of activists “shouting rebel yells and waving the Confederate flag,” as the Associated Press reported at the time. Some actually removed old, mothballed flags from the trunks where they had until then been gathering dust.
    So, it’s true that Confederate and Union soldiers are considered equal under federal law, but critics argue that the same isn’t true of the American and Confederate flags.

    • Cheryl, thank you for this information and references. Even if this is the “city council” that is still against the law inand they need to have a very good reason for exhumation. And for those men to be thrown in the lake like garbage. Well someone needs to get together and dig up graves of these city council members – as illegal as they are doing – and throw them in the same lake, then let them see how it feels. This is so wrong and needs to be stopped and for all those morons that voted for the ILLEGAL lying, commie, leeching pretend-muslime, scuzbag, barry soetoro – he started this crap and is sitting back and laughing at us REAL Americans that have common sense and Know what history was really about. Well his just desserts is coming and he is going to really wonder what happened.

      • Apparently none of you are “on the ball” as if you scroll right down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see just off the ball you really are. I mean, you’re so off the ball, you’re in another sport…

  26. This just in: satire has been around longer than the confederacy. Try opening a besides the bible.

  27. This just in: satire has been around longer than the confederacy. Try opening a book besides the bible.

  28. I wish to hell that every morning a Liberal bastard awoke they would get the news that another one of their IMMEDIATE family had died. Beginning with their first born. I’ve been through a lot in life but NO ONE has EVER created the hatred and contempt in me that fucking Liberals have. I hate you mother fuckers with everything in me. Fuck with me on the street and see what happens to you.

    • Did someone forget to take their meds today? Dude this is a satire site no bodies were removed. It is not liberals who are full of hate but you sure are.

  29. Seem pretty CRAZY/NUMB/DUMB idea! I am “white”….believe me..I stand FIRST with my black brothers, sisters….but I am lost to understand THIS.
    Maybe I am uneducated and am unaware of the true picture. Just maybe.
    “Good God!”

  30. The people who are demanding this are the same people who thought it was socially acceptable to spit on Vietnam vets back in the 70s. When are they going to demand the Vietnam War Memorial be torn down and Vietnam vet’s bodies exhumed from VA cemetery’s?!?!?

  31. Can you guys not scroll through this site and see it’s bogus? Read what it says about the reporter. Read what it says under About Us below and think about it…. You’re being played.

  32. It was almost believable. Until the molest and thrown into to lake part.

    I hope that the majority of people that believe this are just trolling.

  33. When you finish erasing history, the statues are all gone and the mortal remains disturbed please tell me how your life is better now
    Go ahead I’ll wait

  34. This is satire, folks. Not for real. Scroll to bottom of this page and read the disclaimer.

    “Delaware Ohio News is an online news and content source dedicated to Delaware, Ohio. Founded in the year 1808, we strive to be Delaware’s premier news source, second only to the illustrious Delaware Gazette. Although we were the first Delaware, Ohio newspaper, they remain the lords of Delaware news media. That’s why we’re suicidal and on so many drugs.

    With all of that said, everything on this website is made up. Do not rely on anything said here.”

  35. I find nothing humorous about this post. The north wouldn’t like for the southern states that buried union soldiers on plantations, to exhume their graves. The south would not do that,! I guarantee if it was fought again. The pages of history are burned in southern minds, We would not repeat what happened. And history would not repeat itself. Southerners respect the dead, union, confederate, black or white. V

  36. Wouldn’t be great if they did dig up the bodies of Confederate soldiers, who then turned into zombies crying, “Brains, must eat brains? But they would quickly starve to death because progressive liberal loonies have no brains.

  37. I appreciate humor and i appreciate a good troll. This isn’t either.

    The writing is at best poor. It is little more than just telling a lie and thinking because people believe you, that you are clever.

  38. […] پاسخ : داعش در آمریکا نبش قبر سربازان ارتش جنوب، هتک حرمت و دور ریختن بقایای آنها در شهر Delaware. Delaware Cemetery Begins Exhuming Bodies of Confederate Soldiers – Delaware Ohio News […]

  39. Simply designed to stir up controversy. What else do they have in the tool bag – literally digging up sentiments from a war fought nearly 150 years ago? With journalism in the tank, good people need to understand that this is street warfare fought with desperation. It’s what happens when people don’t get their way.

  40. Seriously people? Do you seriously think this could be true?
    Do me a favor. Print this article and take a copy to the county sheriff’s office. Then report back how quickly they laughed you out of the building.
    Then read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

  41. You leftards are SICK. Where is this going to end and what happened to “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”. I’m offended by Nelson Mandela’s statue in London. Shall I demand it be razed to the ground. But grave robbing? You are invoking karma and believe me it’s coming to you… in bucketloads.

  42. Has to be fake news considering that all Confederate solider became US vets by law in the 1950s. This would violate several federal laws.

  43. Satire news site so all fake… but the description of antifa smoking meth & crushed skull would have to be true. Kasich would be dumb enough to pass such legislation but of couse, never happened…yet, don’t give him any ideas.

  44. Outrageous online “News Stories” should always be taken with a grain of salt,… about the size cows lick on. Refrain from commenting until you’re able to check out the validity of the site &/or its sources. Scroll past the story. Look at other articles & author bios, etc. before letting your emotions get the best of you.

  45. Yeah ok, where does it say this is a fake site? This article has been transfered all over social media. This story is not poking fun at what’s going on today, it is really offensive and pot stirring.
    Whoever wrote this owes me an apology.


  46. Go To The Bottom Of This Page>>>

    Delaware Ohio News is an online news and content source dedicated to Delaware, Ohio. Founded in the year 1808, we strive to be Delaware’s premier news source, second only to the illustrious Delaware Gazette. Although we were the first Delaware, Ohio newspaper, they remain the lords of Delaware news media. That’s why we’re suicidal and on so many drugs.

    With all of that said, everything on this website is made up. Do not rely on anything said here.

    Don’t believe us? Read our Legal Statements.

  47. If this is true, then the Delaware City Council is breaking Federal Law. The law states that Confederate Soldiers are considered the same as all American Soldiers. They are US Veterans per 1958 US Public Law.

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  51. What has this country come to!? There used to be a time we had respect for dead, full blooded Americans. Regardless of what side they were on, all US soldiers died for our country. It is a disgrace that they are that willing to treat the corpses of US soldiers in such a manner. Regardless of who they were in life, they, at the very least, deserve to buried with respect and left alone.

  52. Some of the comments on here are astounding. This story, as well as the others on this site, are fake. Problem is, modern society is so utterly stupid that many people cannot process satire. This site is hilarious. That is, if you are not a complete moron who has to question rather something so obviously meant to be a joke is real or not. Jesus! Idiots! Not everyone, as some of you get it. But the ones who don’t: Please reconsider that whole living and breathing thing you are doing. It’s fairly annoying. Thank you for your cooperation.

  53. LMAO at the people who are so brain dead that they cannot recognize satire when it kicks them in the groin.


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