Nigghers Bar Short North Columbus, Ohio

Restaurant and nightlife development group Corso Ventures has unveiled their latest project, Nigghers, a Shorth North bar and nightclub that will cater primarily to African Americans.  

The establishment is slated to open this fall and will be the fifth project for the group, which currently operates Pint House, Forno, Standard Hall, and Short North Food Hall. 

Principal partner Crisp Corso says he is excited to finally open a location where black people can give him money without getting in the way of the white people giving him money. 

“I have wanted to do a project like this for awhile because I feel like I have a good sense for what they want and need,” Corso said, referring to black people. “I know they haven’t felt welcome at our other spots, because they aren’t, so Nigghers is an opportunity for us to give them a nightlife experience that is all their own. Hopefully the more urban ones that make us uncomfortable will choose to spend their time here instead of walking up and down high street looking for a white establishment that will let them inside.”


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