Main Street First Friday Wedding in Downtown Delaware, Ohio: Happy Heroin Couple Beat Each Other Up [Meme]

Meet the wonderful couple being married in downtown Delaware, Ohio tonight during the First Friday festivities. They will have a fist fight in front of Son of Thurman prior to the ceremony, which will be held at neighboring at Barley Hopsters.

Fucked Up Fighting Couple Heroin Meme - Delaware, Ohio Couple In Love

Meme Text: 

“I love you so much, even if we fight a lot, even if you cut my finger off, and when i come drunk and beat you up, or when you gave our newborn heroin, no matter the fight we r always at each others side at the end, like when you visited me at the hospital bc you broke my collarbone with a hammer but thats us lol we crazy haha i love you so much babe happy 3 weeks”


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