In-Brief: Occupy Delaware, Ohio Protests Probably Not Happening

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It has been reported that protests inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement probably will not be taking place in Delaware, Ohio.

According to local organizer Nappy Toots, there just doesn’t seem to be enough support from the community to warrant local protests.

“I had a booth at Delaware’s First Friday last week and only one person signed up,” Toots said. “I thought I had a second, but the guy actually just wrote ‘fuck you, idiot’ and walked away.”

Someone also threw a dead bird at Toots, who was later asked to leave the downtown area for security purposes.

Toots refused to name the second supporter, but the Delaware County Republican Party is currently offering a reward for any tips leading to his or her identification.

Ricardo Paye
Ricardo Paye
Ricardo Paye is a Senior Correspondent with Delaware Ohio News. Born and raised in the Delaware County Fairgrounds, he's a reporter with a deep knowledge of the streets who isn't afraid to ask tough questions. His fondest childhood memory is getting a hand job from a public utility worker in the basement of Pilsner's 5 & Dime store. He holds a bachelor's degree in Euthanasia from Ohio Wesleyan University.


  1. The reason no one came out in support is because the word is not being spread to the people who it matters most to. I know if I had known I would have been there!!!!


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