Oak Grove Cemetery in Delaware, Ohio will now have food vendors operating inside the grounds in an effort to increase attendance and revenue for the property. If you would like to enjoy a hot dog or sno-cone while visiting the eternal resting place of your loved one, you may do so from the hours of 5-8pm Monday through Friday and 10am-6pm weekends.

City Manager Tom Homan says he came up with the idea while walking through the cemetery during his weekly Tour of Souls.

“There were people driving by to get lunch elsewhere when they could be eating at the cemetery. There were people all over the cemetery who weren’t eating anything. Then it just hit me: ‘You should be able to eat hot dogs here,'” Homan said.

A separate proposal that involved killing people to increase demand for burial plots was rejected by city council.

The City of Delaware has been responsible for the cemetery since 2014 when the previous owners filed for bankruptcy.


  1. This is disrespectful to the souls that our buried on the grounds if I had family buried in there I would be mad.. all this so the city can make a buck. Selfish basterds..total disrespectful.

  2. “Blood Pressure Boiling”….
    If I had Loved Ones Buried there…I would do ANYTHING in My Powers to Shut this Ridiculous Idea Down or see this man in Court!


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