Looking for something fun to do while you’re high in Delaware, Ohio? This list is for you.

1. Sit at home and listen to your family plead for you to get help

Having a fun drug experience doesn’t require you to venture out into the world. You can have fun from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is get high in front of your loved ones and kick back while they plead with you to seek help and turn your life around. The more you ignore them while you continue to poison yourself in their presence, the better. 

2. Rob a gas station at gunpoint

There is nothing more thrilling than committing a felony while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. And of all the felonies, nothing gets the blood pumping quite like holding up a convenience store. From the nervousness beforehand to the exhilaration and subsequent regret, you are sure to experience a full range of emotions as you fumble through and ultimately live with one of the biggest mistakes you will ever make in your life. 

3. Walk downtown and scare normal people

Have you ever been eating dinner with your family when some guy on the street stumbles up to the window, puts his face to the glass, and drools on it before passing out on the sidewalk? You could be that guy. Downtown Delaware is an excellent place for drug addicts to show off their maladaptive behavior. 

4. Sleep under the Winter Street bridge 

You haven’t really lived until you’ve gotten high and slept under a bridge because you have nowhere else to go. The accommodations under the Winter Street bridge aren’t luxurious, but they are relatively safe, and there is a raised concrete structure that is good for sleeping. Be sure to get there early and stake your claim. 

5. Tell a stranger your philosophy on life

You’re high. You have all of the answers. You must tell other people. Find a stranger and unload on them. Just start talking and don’t stop. Tell them everything you know. Then ask them if they know what you mean. 


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