Delaware Police responded to a call of domestic violence at 145 Franklin Street yesterday, the home of Julie and Scott Ramsey.

Mr. Ramsey, according to Julie, got angry for no apparent reason and would not calm down.

Captain Reynolds of the Delaware Police Department elaborated at a press conference earlier this afternoon.

“Julie informed us that she woke up with her panties stuck in her buttocks. She removed them from the awkward position and proceeded to head to the bathroom. At that point, Scott asked her what had gotten her panties in a bunch. When Julie laughed and continued walking, Scott jumped up and punched her in the face.”

“She was being a bitch” said Scott, through his attorney Lisa Wagner. “She always gets her panties in a bunch and laughs at me when I question her about it. I just couldn’t take it anymore.”

Scott Ramsey is currently in the Delaware County Jail awaiting release.


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