10 Ways to Get Shot in the Short North Arts District

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Curious how you can become the latest shooting victim in the Short North Arts District? Here are 10 surefire ways to get your wig split.

10. Look happy

Don’t laugh and look satisfied with your life unless you are ready to suffer the consequences.

Good lives are fun to ruin. 

9. Let your girl get drunk and act up 

Then she starts running her mouth, and you have to clean up the mess. Someone has to answer for her. 

8. Look at a man in his eyeballs 

What the fuck are you looking at? Look at the floor, man. Look at the floor. 

7. Wish a motherfucker would

Be careful what you wish for. Some motherfucker might. 

6. Say “nah” 

Some people don’t take no for an answer. 

5. Ask someone if they’ve got a problem

It could very well be you. Next thing you know, that iron is upside your big ass head.  

4. Answer when someone asks if you’ve got a problem

Ever heard of a rhetorical question? Sometimes you should keep walking. Unless you want to get shot, that is.

If that’s the case, tell them what your problem is and stand around to see what happens next. 

3. Bump into somebody 

Watch where you’re going. Or don’t and get touched. 

2. Mumble in the wrong direction

Speak up and speak clearly if you decide to open your mouth. Leaving things to interpretation can get messy.  

1. Exist at 2 a.m.

Sometimes that is all it takes. Stay out late enough in Columbus, and you might catch a bullet. 

Ricardo Paye
Ricardo Paye
Ricardo Paye is a Senior Correspondent with Delaware Ohio News. Born and raised in the Delaware County Fairgrounds, he's a reporter with a deep knowledge of the streets who isn't afraid to ask tough questions. His fondest childhood memory is getting a hand job from a public utility worker in the basement of Pilsner's 5 & Dime store. He holds a bachelor's degree in Euthanasia from Ohio Wesleyan University.



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