Columbus, OH made the news yesterday when Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress suing President Donald Trump for an alleged affair, was arrested at a local strip club during a perforamnce. According to reports, she denied an officer’s request that she waterboard him using a Blue Live Matter flag…using her own urine. This golden shower request has sparked a new term known as “urineboarding.”

What is urineboarding, exactly?

Simply put, urineboarding is a sexual form of waterboarding, performed with a golden shower instead of water.

Looking at definitions for waterboarding and golden showers will help clarify what this sex act involves.

golden showers

The act of pissing on another used as a means of sexual foreplay.
asked Betty to give me hot golden showers in the morning
by Anonymous June 20, 2003


One of the many forms of terrorism (in the form of torture) used by the US military in the “service” of putting an end to terrorism. Waterboarding (called “water torture” in the 16th century and used to test the witchiness of witches) involves holding a person down, covering their face with fabric, then pouring water on the fabric. The wet fabric makes it impossible to breath and the person feel as if they are about to drown, thus freaking them out to the extent that they will do just about anything to avoid more torture.
The CIA and US military use waterboarding to promote democracy worldwide.
by spenceronehalf December 28, 2005


So there you have it! Urinating on someone’s face to emulate drowning for the purpose of sexual gratification is what you’re in store for when you try urinboarding. Be safe!


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