Twitter [twit-er]

– noun

A social phenomenon that lacks even the most basic of functions, which when combined with it’s core purpose, makes stalking effortless. Most of it’s users are so comically pretentious and self-obsessed, they believe even the most trivial of daily occurrences are worthy of a “tweet.”
Where you go to convince hundreds of strangers you lead a remotely interesting life, and/or that your otherwise shallow and purposeless life has depth and meaning. reference Facebook status
A primitive social site for friends, colleagues, etc to keep tabs and share vital information.

mY boYfrieNd brouGht me lunch 2day. #hardnipples

there iz a fat lady n walmart and she really fat and stuff #losing

Chris Brown is hands-down, the most talentless piece of shit on planet Earth and he dances like a rabid monkey. #shuckinandjivin



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