My Grandpa Asked for a Digital Circumcision Because He Doesn’t Like His Penis

Earlier I shared a conversation I had with my grandfather where he was asking how to find porn on his phone. When he followed up to let me know he found out that I shared our conversation online (thanks, Dad), he used the opportunity to ask whether I would Photoshop a picture of his penis to make him look circumcised. Apparently he wants to share it with some woman he met at Bob Evans. I tried to tell him his penis is fine the way it is. He isn’t so sure. Below is the full conversation.

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  1. His penis is absolutely normal ???? over 50% of babies being born in the USA are being left intact. Foreskin is a wonderful thing to have it has over 20000 nerves in it. He is lucky to still have it.

  2. This is super funny…i got my twins nipped..but im dating someone with a neck and he hates the jokes and wants to get it snipped

    • How about don’t be a douchebag and joke with about it! You are obviously making him self conscious about it. What if he started making fun of the way your labia looked?

  3. Speaking as someone who lived all around Europe for years and was a tad wild…lol. All the guys aren’t circumcised, except maybe a Jewish man. So maybe he would just fit in more over in Europe…lol

  4. Ryan I believe you didnt interpret the convo correctly this is a male that was talking to his grandfather not a female Male doesnt have a labia unless they get sex change and the OP never said they did and I am sure it would have came up with as open as the two of them seem to be.


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